How much does this umbrella cost?

Marlena has already seen the best years of his life.

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Just one part of what he said got picked up by the media and took on a life of its own.

Pierre probably thought I didn't know what was going on.

I've decided to fire him.

Almost all Japanese boys like to play baseball.

How come you know him so well?

A pooch dubbed "Underdog" was rescued today after it plunged the equivalent of 50 storeys into an open pit diamond mine in South Africa.

Nguyen pushed open the bedroom door.

These days, "the lion's share" usually means "the biggest share"; but not so long ago, it meant "all of it."

Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.

Bob had to live with the consequences of his actions.

I got lost.

You are ill.

What are you doing for Halloween?


Don't stop!

It's pretty odd.

Skeeter made three changes.

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Sharpen the blades of these knives.

I was just talking with him.

Feeling the house shake, I ran out into the backyard.

There are always a lot of questions.

She didn't receive the flowers.

Now I'll finally be able to get some sleep.

Where is the ticket window?

I'm not sharing this with him.

At last, the bells of victory rang out.

I won't negotiate.

He employs a maid.

Brender didn't say that Alejandro should leave.

She made no reply.


Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the proximity of objects around them.

Can I get you a drink?

Can I take them home?


He leveled his gun at me.


All that read this can read.


You'll have to turn over a new leaf.

Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers, and are famous preservers of youthful looks.

Bradford never really wanted to live in Boston.

Do you feel sorry for Lloyd?

Carlo says she's never asked a guy out.

Dan has been bullying me for months.

Ken's father loved Ken all the more because he was his only son.


Taurus got into the elevator.

No one is better at this than me.

A long time ago, there was a bridge there.

Did she say anything else about me?

Janos cringed when he saw Sabrina walk into the room.

Well prepared means no worries.

God is the author, men are only the players. These grand pieces which are played upon earth have been composed in heaven.

Takuya swam naked as a jaybird.

Many people in Africa were killed as a result of the storm.

You're such a pack rat.

There is a nice park in the center of the town.

Clarence knows he's in no position to argue.

Clyde misunderstood.

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I did it on account of you.

It's Wednesday.

Today, Christianity celebrates the first Advent.

Please allow me to go.

You sure do know how to have a good time.

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Please help yourself, enjoy your meal!

The villagers, however poor, were kind to others.

Oh! I'm not deluding myself!

I had to get them to school.

There was a mad rush toward the exit.

The telephone operator asked the caller to hold on until a connection was made.

What dwells in the mind is seen in the dream.

Life has its ups and downs.

Jon was looking for you at that time.

Should I wait for her to come back?

He finally found his calling.

Why didn't somebody tell him?

The minimum wage is $2.13 an hour.


Laurel could hear Tricia talking in the next room.

Why won't you listen?

This company and I have signed a three-year contract.

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"I think I need a stiff drink." "Make that two."

Let's start with the basics.

There is a desk in a corner of the room.

You've barely said a word all night.

I'm going to Boston with him.

Barton got up and went away.

Jean is something less than an expert pianist.


He is too fat to run fast.


I've decided not to go to Boston.

It's going to get rough.

There's nothing physically wrong with you.


I want to leave this place quickly.


I don't have anyone else to rely on.

I read a magazine to kill time.

Don't tell my husband.

All those are mere lucubrations.

She did not so much as say "Good morning" to me.

Did you believe Bucky?

Knudsen was a stranger.

Lorenzo was mentioned.

Lance is not to be trifled with.

Peter is buying a tom cat.

He amused the children with the story.

The confusion is all over.

Dan discussed each detail with Linda.


I figured you might want a drink.

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I have been living here for many years.


That supermarket sometimes has sales.

Dylan has a fertile imagination.

Let's get to the point.

She has been a wonderful role model for us.

A man has ten fingers.

We could say that both of those balls are the same weight.

She's very worried about you.


Your table is ready.


Carlos could do nothing but watch Brent being swept down the river.


Emina is a girl from Sarajevo.

If you ever need my help, just let me know.

She protested with dignity her innocence.

Randell hardly said a word to anybody.

I knew you'd come back for me.

Soon after the end of World War 1, people never thought such a hateful and cruel war would break out again.

That's my own affair.

He isn't at home, is he?

She was born lucky.


She affects a foreign accent.

Few, if any, Americans grasped the significance of what had been accomplished.

He canceled the appointment to attend the meeting.


Raise your hand if I read your name.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think.

Olof and Jeffie were in love with each other.

But my older sister knows how to swim quite well.

Wash your hands first, then eat.

Well, are you going to clean up your room or not?

I have no quarrel with Hon.

I can't believe you did this by yourself.

The image does not match reality.


Have you written to her?


Catherine was Ahmed's only friend when she was in kindergarten.

I don't have any other option.

I want you to keep your promise.

What are you smirking at? Did something good happen?

I'm scared of what's going to happen.

Clare hates sports.

You can't walk away from this.


Is it correct to say it like this?

It suits me.

Pieter put a bandage on Patrick's arm.


You owe me an apology for that.

I am thinking of going abroad next year.

It must be our lucky day.

If the lamp's hot then, to avoid burns, wait around 45 minutes for it to cool down.

As I missed the train, I had to wait for the next one for about an hour.


Unemployment has dipped to just under 6% in the last month

Make it snappy, Clem.

Karl was standing in front of the kitchen sink.

I need someone to protect me.

I met her along the way to school.


I am fond of Australian food.

It's nice to see you haven't changed.

You are thirsty, do you want water?

Why is my bag empty?

Hui isn't ugly.

You don't have to hide.

There are many red flowers in the garden.

I wish to remain here.

He is a man of quick decisions.

How about giving me a promotion from just-a-friend to boyfriend?

The rocket is in orbit around the moon.


Could you direct me to the station?

Pythagoras' theorem says that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

We speak.